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Goal (main objectives)

SEED’s main goal is to build capacities of families and communities through education, income generation and life skills for a better livelihood. The core values of SEED  include equal opportunity for all, integrity and respect for life.

Specific objectives

  • To strengthen and build capacities of the under privileged children by facilitating their access to education.
  • To facilitate and provide business development services and credit to mainly women micro entrepreneurs within the target area to enable them develop their livelihoods.
  • To foster networking and exchange of information among entrepreneurs on the one hand and between the organization and other organizations or individuals who have similar or related interests on the other.
  • To contribute to social and economic transformation of the under privileged.
  • To do all things incidental or conducive to the realization of any or all of the aims and objectives.



  • Selection of deserving students for education support.
  • Provision of education support for the selected students.
  • Follow up and monitor the progress of children in their respective schools.
  • Selection of the women for business development support.
  • Provision of business skills training for the screened and selected entrepreneurs.
  • Micro-credit allocation and administration.
  • Follow-up support: Visits to individual women and to women’s groups
  • Monitoring and evaluation to asses impact.


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