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Target group

SEED’s target clients are those from the Eastland area of Nairobi especially those living in poor dwellings. Those to be attended fit the following criteria:

  • School age children who have dropped out or face dropping out of school due to family economic constraints. Their ages are between 7-25yrs meaning they are between primary to middle level college/ University level.
  • Micro entrepreneurs, mainly women earning about two dollars a day or unemployed who are willing to seriously start or improve their small enterprises.
  • The most needy in the targeted areas: SEED makes a deliberate choice to work with and for the poorest following the model of “preferential option for the Poor”.
  • Gender aspects: Majority are deliberately women. Some of the guardians are grandparents who have to bring up children due to the demise of real parents or broken families. 





A parent of a sponsored child in her textile business. She is a beneficiary of business development services from SEED.

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